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We manufacture the following range of genuine New Zealand Possum Fur products at our Christchurch factory. If you require product that is not listed please don't hesitate to contact us


  • Natural Natural

    Inner Soles - Possum

    Made from the finest New Zealand possum skin Mi Woollies Possum Insoles are sure to keep your feet toasty warm in what ever boots, shoes or slippers that you are wearing.        Spoil your feet with...

    $42.50 (Inc. GST)
    $36.96 (Ex. GST)
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  • Black Natural Dark

    Possum Skin

    Revamp the decor of your home with a stylish Premium Grade Mi Woollies Possum Skin. Mi Woollies Premium Grade Possum Skins are the ultimate as a stylish accessory. All of our possum pelts are individually graded by hand to...

    $57.27 (Inc. GST)
    $49.80 (Ex. GST)
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