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Masterweave Textiles offer a gorgeous selection of silky soft Alpaca / Mohair Throws and Scarves. All Masterweave products are New Zealand made and are high quality beautifully made pieces. The Windermere range of soft Alpaca / Mohair Scarves and Throws are wonderfully light and there are a gorgeous range of colours to choose from.

Masterweave was commissioned by Peter Jackson, director of Lord of The Rings movie trilogy to develop fabrics that could accommodate the special effects used in the films. These fabrics were used on the costumes of the Oscar winning movies. In addition to receiving an Industry New Zealand Enterprise award for business innovaton, Masterweave was commissioned to weave bench blankets for the All Blacks, New Zealand's national rugby team.

  • Royal Fuchsia Check Grey Black Check

    Masterweave Windemere Alpaca Scarf

    Step out in our luxurious Masterweave Windemere New Zealand made Alpaca Scarf. Masterweave Windemere Alpaca Scarf. Wonderfully light with a gorgeous range of colours to choose from. The Scarf is one size fits all...

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    $60.78 (Ex. GST)
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  • Friesian Apache

    Windermere Alpaca Throw

    Masterweave's luxurious Windermere Alpaca Throw is spectacular on a bed or your favourite chair. The Winderemere Alpaca Throw by Masterweave Textiles. It is made from luxurious natural plaid brused alpaca, 100% natural and dye...

    $249.90 (Inc. GST)
    $217.30 (Ex. GST)
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    Manuka Hot Pink

    Windermere Mohair Throw

    Masterweave's gorgeous Windermere Mohair Throw is spectacular on a bed or your favourite chair. The Winderemere range of Mohair Throws by Masterweave Textiles. Wonderfully soft and light with such a large variety of...

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    Now: $219.90 (Inc. GST)
    Was: $208.61
    Now: $191.22 (Ex. GST)
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  • Mohair Throws Colour Swatch Wheel

    Windermere Mohair Knee Wrap

    Masterweave's gorgeous Windermere Mohair Knee Wrap makes a spectacular accompaniment to your favourite chair. The Winderemere range of Mohair Knee Wraps / blankets by Masterweave Textiles. Wonderfully soft...

    $139.90 (Inc. GST)
    $121.65 (Ex. GST)
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